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Your Quote…

The purpose of your quote is to gain a citation on the major media websites. Don’t over think it!

After your quote is picked up by the media, you are free to add their logos to your marketing materials stating, “As seen on…”

Here are some examples:

“There are few people I’ve met that get it and John Smith “get’s it!”If you want to grow your business using the media and become a celebrity, he will make you the number one choice in your field. He will deliver you the “red carpet” star power to rake in the big bucks for you and your family!”


“RICH or POOR? Which will you choose? The comfort zone of so many middle class individuals and families is disappearing at an alarming rate. Inflation, the hidden tax, is destroying your current income and wealth almost overnight. Sally Doe is an expert at helping people build permanent wealth.”


“Mark has been a business and personal mentor for over 20 years. His ability to inspire, train and coach is what makes his strategies and training so effective. Mark has a unique ability to help people break through their self-limiting beliefs and achieve their goals in a life-changing way.”

Your Profile Photo – Tips & Tricks…

The quality of your headshot can make all the difference on LinkedIn. Perhaps more so than other social networks. But you don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on your photo. Here’s how you can do it for free.

Have a friend with a good quality smartphone like an iPhone take your photo. But you have to do it right. (most smartphones should be able to take a photo of 10 MB or greater. Use the original file to create your profile picture – don’t compress it yet – you can always compress to upload it to your website so it will load fast but do that after the fact).

It would be best if you had the ability to attach the smartphone to a tripod with a tool/gadget. There are many widely available on Amazon and elsewhere. That would be best but we said we were going to do this for free. So if you or your friend don’t have a tripod connector device like a GLIF or an iStabilizer then try this.

Have them hold the phone in LANDSCAPE mode. They’ll want to tuck their elbows in and hold them snuggly to their torso or stand against a wall to minimize movement. You’ll want them to take a minimum of 20 photos. Frankly, even the best photographers in the world (think National Geographic) take thousands and thousands of photos and get 2 or 3 worth publishing. So, click away. Have fun.

Remember what you’re going to use the photo for: a square image with room on the left, right, bottom or top to display the logos. Consider the background of that area so you can have options to use a transparent shape behind the logos or a solid color. Design the photo composition BEFORE you take it. Think about what direction you want to be favoring or facing based on where the logos will be placed.

By shooting in landscape mode and leaving plenty of breathing space around your head, you’ll have options to zoom in, make a square image out of it, you can even create a portrait formatted photo out of it if it starts as landscape. Very tough to make a square photo out of a tightly cropped portrait format. Digital is great because it allows you to zoom in after the fact.

If you choose to have your photo professionally done, tell them what you need it for in advance. And ALWAYS request not only their finished photo with color correction, etc. but also the original uncropped image so you can edit it at home at anytime.

The biggest issues I see with photos are: low-resolution and tight cropping. They both severely limit your options.

Be cautious if you’re using a flash. If it doesn’t look great to you, it won’t look good to anyone else. I recommend you disable the flash unless you’re skilled at smartphone flash photography. Try to use daylight – not incandescent or fluorescent unless daylight balanced.

And one more thing…make sure you have enough light. Go outside if you need to.